About Us

London Pedicabs was established in 2004 by Graeme Rivett. Originating from New Zealand, Graeme has a real passion for the Clean and Green transport alternatives.

Graeme has been very much involved in the industry for over 10 years now and whilst running his own eco-friendly logistics services company in London and New York City in 1997, he identified the need for a green transport format in Central London. Pedicabs are now very much part of everyday life here in London which boasts the largest fleet of Pedicabs in the world. 

It was with true grit and determination that London Pedicabs has established itself as a viable, sustainable transport option that is second to none. 

We currently design and manufacture our own Pedicabs which comply with all European specifications and regulations.

In addition to this we carefully recruit and train our Pedicab riders, Managers and Supervisors. Where possible we promote from within. This is London Pedicabs policy.



Our Pledge:

We pledge to provide the greenest sustainable transport system that London can truly be proud of, complemented with competent and professional personnel.
We are very proud to be working with the authorities and assisting with bringing in the regulations along with the code of practice.