Careers Opportunities



We recruit self-motivated, enthusiastic individuals with a sense of adventure who want to be part of a fantastic team that love what they do with a passion.
We want our riders to earn top money and get satisfaction from working in this close knit team and we give individuals a lot of support to achieve this.
The opportunity to progress your skills and opportunity within the company is there for all riders to achieve.
We challenge you to get there!!! 




All our riders all fully trained and we guarantee you will be a competent and professional rider before you enter London’s exciting hustle and bustle for the first time.

Our training course is comprehensive and second to none , at the end of the course you will be a competent rider (CTC level 3 standards), with a good knowledge of Central London to get you started and the mechanical skills needed to ensure your passengers get to their destination promptly and safe. 



We have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the company and rider totally

Employers Liability £10,000,000
Public Liability         £10,000,000


London Pedicabs has an equal opportunity policy, HSE policy and environmental policies

Welcome to the company.  I would like to wish you the best of luck and trust that you have good fortune.
We are raising our standards and it is paying dividends for everybody.

Therefore, it is essential that every rider adheres to the instructions in this document.


Graeme Rivett
Managing Director