London Pedicabs was one of the first companies to operate this novel Green transport in the UK .We have been a leading force in introducing new innovative ideas that have  assisted  the industry to flourish from just 30  to 1400 pedicabs that are now operating in London.


London Pedicabs have been operating in central London for almost 14 years as an eco-friendly transport option. We have worked very closely with the authorities to implement a code of practice for our industry and have pushed hard to get Pedicabs fully licensed and accountable.


We are now at the final stages in the process of having our industry legitimised.

Our team of riders have a multicultural background and great knowledge of London and the British culture.

We are also very proud to have played a key role not only as a carbon neutral transport operator but also as a sustainable eco transport system, safe and affordable, and most importantly Pedicabs will leave a legacy to our riders the “London Ambassadors” bringing hundreds of unskilled youth back to the workforce.


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